If you received an invoice from us and wish to pay it
online, please click on the button below to submit your
payment. You will be transferred to our secure payment
processing service where you will be able to use your
credit card to make a secure payment.

For increased security, we do not process payments
on our site. We use Paypal as our payment processing

Paypal, an eBay company, specializes in processing online credit card transactions. It is today the largest online payment processor on the Internet with over 140 million users in 190 countries and regions.

Why use Paypal?
We use Paypal to provide you with the peace of mind and security every consumer should have when making a purchase with their credit card. Paypal provides a secure server (SSL) so your transaction is safe. When you proceed with making your online purchase, you will be transferred to the Paypal site where your transaction will be processed.

You need to register once
In order to make your payment, you will need to register with Paypal. There is no cost to you for registering. After you have registered once, you are able to make purchases from any Paypal merchant you may wish to do business with in the future; you do not need to register each time.