All Toll-Free numbers can be programmed to ring anywhere in the world and include the set of features listed below. Features marked with an * are available for an additional charge.


Caller ID
Voice Mail & Fax
Conference Calling
Call Blocking
Custom Call Forwarding
Call Notification Emails
Maximum Call Length
Virtual PBX (Auto Attendant)*
Hunt Groups*
Call Announcement*
Call Recording*
Address Lookup*
Pay Phone Blocking*

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Instant Call Back allows your website visitors to make a phone call to you at no cost to them. Visitors simply type in their phone number, click a button, their phone rings and they are connected directly to your office or cell phone over normal phone lines.

Instant Callback helps you convert your website visitors into customers by providing a convenient way for visitors to call you (most people would rather talk to someone than emailing back and forth). It reduces customer abandonment of your website and entices visitors to make their inquiries.

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Live chat allows your office representatives to engage in a 1-to-1 chat with your website visitors in real-time, to instantly provide them with live assistance, live support  and proactive sales advice.

All customers are able to access Live Chat from anywhere in the world with a standard web browser connected to the Internet.

Live Chat allows you to see which page every web site visitor is browsing in real-time, providing you instant information about the city and country your visitors are coming from and which particular page or service offering they are interested in.